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Dharma's Sucess Story

H.E.A.L, Inc.'s first official dog

H.E.A.L, Inc. is committed to healing the whole animal, and our first official H.E.A.L, Inc. dog, Dharma, was in desperate need of “whole healing”.  Dharma is a pit bull/bulldog mix who had been abused and neglected - used as a “bait dog” for fighting dogs and beaten by humans with a claw hammer; she needed and deserved physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation.  We placed Dharma in a foster home where we could provide the veterinary care she needed, as well as the love and positive training she needed to learn that other dogs and humans were safe and would not hurt her.  Dharma sums up our philosophy of rescue – saving a dog in need from death and providing the veterinary care needed to heal her body, the love needed to heal her heart, and the guidance needed to heal her mind to become a confident, happy dog.  Today, Dharma is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted, confident dog and loving her life with her family.

Screen shot 2012-01-20 at 10.39.02 AM Dharma Tasha kiss Dharma walking


 Pulled from the shelter August 2010

Dharma with her foster mom,
who later adopted her
 Dharma today, a healthy,
happy, confident girl



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